Sharing Experiences: Sustainable Sanitation in South East Asia and The Pacific

This book is a collection of case studies on sanitation and hygiene initiatives in South East Asia and the Pacific. It aims to contribute to a growing community of practice.




The Case Studies

1. Indonesia: “Shifting the focus for sanitation in the Second Water and Sanitation for Low Income Communities Project” (Nina Shatifan, WSLIC 2 Project)

2. Vietnam: “The sum is greater than the parts: An investigation of Plan in Vietnam’s double-vault composting latrine program in northern Vietnam” (Ben Cole, Environmental Health Consultant; Pham Duc Phuc, National Institute of Hygiene  and Epidemiology; and John Collett, Plan in Vietnam)

3. Vanuatu: “Putting community development principles into practice: A case study of a rural water, sanitation and hygiene project in Vanuatu” (Gabrielle Halcrow and John Donnelly, World Vision Australia)

4. Vietnam: “To their credit: How three Mekong Delta towns have used revolving funds to increase coverage of septic tanks” (Le Thi Hao, Penny Dutton and Geoff Bridger, 3DT WSS Project)

5. FIJI: “The Sanitation Park Project: A regional initiative to increase participatory approaches in the sanitation sector” (Rhonda Bower, SOPAC; Dr. Leonie Crennan, Institute for Unsertain Futures; and Kamal Khatri, SOPAC)

6. Timor Leste: “A journey from subsidy to Community Led Total Sanitation: The experience of WaterAid Australia and Plan in Timor Leste” (Dinesh Bajracharya, waterAid Australia)

7. Papua New Guinea: “A Toilet Paper: Reflections on ATprojects school sanitation in Papua New Guinea” (Steve Layton, ATprojects)

8. Indonesia: “Sustainable Sanitation: A new paradigm in Aceh, Indonesia” (RS Arun Kumar, World Toilet Organization)

9. Tonga, Vanuatu, Tuvalu and Kribati: “Training in Eco-sanitation for communities in Pacific Island Countries” (Dr. Leonie Crennan, Institute for Uncertain Futures)

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