Studi Pemilihan Lokasi (Site Selection) Tempat Pembuangan Akhir (TPA) Sampah Kota - Banjar Jawa Barat

Mostly waste disposal activity causing environmental quality decrease, both abiotic and biotic components, give bad impact for human and his environment. To reduce bad impact and keep environment quality, landfill must be place in right site location and need to designed and built and operated well. The important factor which do not less important is look for good land so that can minimize negative impact which generated.
Study of site selection solid waste landfill aim to look for right area so that the location of  new landfill suitable to regional planology plan and fulfill criterion screening of regional, elimination, and social. Area of study is Banjar Town in zone service of  Ciminyak Landfill comprises District of Banjar, Pataruman, and Purwaharja. Problems in existing landfill is closing Ciminyak Landfill by Ciamis Government on 2008 so Banjar cannot do disposal  activity there.
Process of site selection solid waste landfill consist of 3 steps : regional step, elimination step, and final step. Scoring by parameter Le Grand and SNI 03-3241-1994. Results of this study is the location which has highest skor in Le Grand and SNI 03-3241-1994. The location in Langensari, Langensari, Banjar with Le Grand skor (11) that is very good land class and SNI 03-3241-1994 score (602), include competent class zona for solid waste  landfill.

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