Universal Sanitation in East Asia: Mission Possible?

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800 Million People in East Asia lack Adequate Sanitation
Dirty Realities
Sanitation is Vital for Human Health
Sanitation is Good for Economic Growth and Poverty Reduction
Sanitation Contributes to Social Development
Sanitation Helps the Environment
Sanitation Affects Children's Development and Our Future
Hygiene-don't Forget to wash Your Hands with Soap!
The Scale of the Sanitation Challenge
Progress Report: Updated Sanitation Coverage Estimates
Progress Report: National Sanitation Achievements
Three-quarters of those without Sanitation live in Rural Areas
Are the Poor being left behind
Financing Sanitation
What should be done in East Asia
Striving for Universal Sanitation
Annex 1: Sanitation Coverage Estimates
Annex 2: Diarrheal Disease Data